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Welcome to the Virtual V8 Web Site

We Model Cars We Render Cars We Animate Cars

We provide 3D computer modelling, rendering and animation services, specialising in
vehicles and their motions.

These services are available for publicity, marketing and promotional applications.

Technical and engineering visualisation, and forensic animations are other application
areas in which we can provide support and services.

Aerodynamics Report
Drag Estimate of a Roof Mounted Antenna
(Ford AU Falcon)
Clubman Car Chassis
Clubman Chassis Models
NSW Cityrail Tangara 3D model
Tangara 3D Computer Model

V8 Images


Get all the benefits of motor racing sponsorship without the high cost and the reliance on successful on-track performance for positive promotion. Our "virtual" cars need never lose a race.


For Racing Teams, now you can show a potential sponsor just what the car might look like with their logo displayed.


Use computer animated sequences of your car for all types of promotional and publicity work. We can produce animations driven by on-board car data logger information, for absolute realism.

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