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We provide a variety of services related to the modelling, rendering and animation of motor vehicles. The following is a summary of what we consider to be our particular areas of expertise.

Motion Path Analysis

We have experience in vehicle dynamics and motion path analysis, and have access to a suite of analysis programs which we have written, and which are under continual devlopment.

3D Modelling

We have extensive experience in Computer Aided Design and the 3D surface modelling of objects.


We are able to produce rendered images based on our own 3D computer models or those supplied by a client.


We are able to produce pre-rendered, animated sequences, with the final results output to conventional video and/or many multimedia formats.

We can also produce Real Time replay programs, to display a given 3D geometry or motion, with which people can interact in various ways.

Software Development

We have extensive technical software programming experience in several computer languages. Our experience in this area covers aircraft simulation and mathematical modelling, the programming and tuning of servo systems, and interfacing with various types of electronic hardware, including GPS receivers and servo controllers.

For specific information on our experience in any particular area please don't hesitate to contact us.
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