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We have produced a number of analysis programs and we are able to produce custom software
for clients if they have particular requirements.

Below is some brief information on a few of the vehicle dynamics applications we
are currently working on.

These all relate in some way to the computer display, analysis and modelling of
physically accurate vehicle motion paths.
Data Viewer

We are currently engaged in ongoing development of a real-time viewer to display vehicle Data Logger information. This displays the data in the form of a 3D car model moving on the computer screen.

As shown in the image force arrows indicate the accelerations acting on the vehicle at any time. Engine speed is indicated by sound and the front wheels show actual driver steering inputs.

Accident Motion Path Analysis

We have written a program, called ANALYSE, which generates vehicle motion paths.
This was produced to provide a means to easily model accurate vehicle motion paths.

Real Time Viewers

We have produced 3D car viewer programs for displaying motion paths in real time. These can display motions for one car alone, or two cars at once.

Being real-time applications these programs require a fast computer and an OpenGL compatible, accelerated graphics card.

Accident Impact Calculator

Among other custom development work we have produced a simple impact calculator program (shown at right).

This determines and displays data for frontal impacts (both head-on and at an angle) and offers estimates of impact energies and a guide as to likely survivability of the impact.

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