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There are two general types of computer animation.

The first is real time animation, where a 3D display image is generated in real time (typically at 25 or 30 frames per second). This requires good computer performance and hardware accelerated graphics processing.

The second is pre-rendered animation. This involves creating an animation file which can be replayed at a later time. This process potentially delivers much higher image quality, but cannot offer the flexibility of interaction of a real-time animation.

We are able to provide both types of animation, for any particular application.

The following images are some frames from an animated sequence rendered in 3D Studio.
The vehicle motion path (including the car body pitch and roll, and wheel rotation and steering) were
automatically generated using our ANALYSE software.

The following images are from a real-time replay application.

This application displays a 3D model of a vehicle, with its motion based on a
trajectory path derived from an on-board data logger.

The following images are from a pre-rendered animation, rendered using 3D Studio.

This is a 3D reconstruction of two vehicles (a car and a motor bike) which were involved in a traffic accident.

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